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Iva W Today

Looking Forward… Remembering the Past:

Today, the Iva W is active once again on the Chesapeake Bay.  She has been completely restored to the highest standards of comfort and safety, while maintaining the integrity of her honorable past.  We recognize that we are merely the latest in a very short line of stewards who have had the privilege and honor of working her, enjoying her, sharing her, and most importantly, protecting her.  It is our goal to maintain her to the highest standards, and to share her history, heritage and splendor with interested individuals and parties throughout the region.

It is our goal to travel the length of the Bay, visiting ports of call both historical and modern, and enjoying all the Chesapeake has to offer.  Although she is available for the occasional private charter, our greatest memories will be the result of our exploration and education with regards to the Bay and her history.  We look forward to watching our three children’s appreciation, knowledge and respect for the Bay grow strong, to sharing our experiences with established friends and family, and to expanding that circle through our love for and experience with the Iva W.

We hope that if you see us or the Iva W anywhere, at anytime, that you will stop by, say ‘Hello’, and be a part of this wonderful new adventure we are embarking upon.