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A New Look and a New Purpose

In 1998, Iva W was purchased by Art Wolfe and Marilee Ives. Art was a retired Professor of Business Law at Michigan State University and Indiana University and Marilee a Special Events Coordinator for Estee Lauder. They spent next 6 years planning and converting the Iva W from a Chesapeake Bay working boat, into a luxury live aboard vessel with all the creature comforts necessary to enjoy life on the water. After completing her modernization, Iva W traveled from the Chesapeake Bay to the warm waters of the Florida Gulf Coast, where she hosted guests in a splendid and relaxing environment, cruising the Everglades, the Gulf Coast, and the Florida Keys in style.

In 2008, Iva W returned to Deltaville, Virginia, where she spent the next two years in the care of the Deltaville Maritime Museum, just across Jackson Creek from where she was built by John Wright 80 years prior, and an oyster shells throw from where she spent most of her life either working from, or tied up alongside, the wharf at Captain Johnny’s home.